Dinesh Used This Career Guidance Tool For His Dream University

Dinesh from DPS, Mathura Road is a highly talented and intelligent student who needed a career guidance tool on how he could shape his profile to get into his dream university in the US. He used ProMap to map out a scientifically-backed path to do so. ProMap is a leading career guidance tool that enables your child or student to build his or her profile in a concerted manner.

It matches a student’s aspirations in terms of Country, Course, and University while taking into account their current academic credentials and additional achievements while suggesting a personalized roadmap to get that coveted University seat!

scientific career guidance
ProMap’s Approach

Let us start with Dinesh’s ProMap journey and identify the crucial points where ProMap has helped him:

  • Identifying Target Attributes to be worked on:

As a starter, the assessment helps in guiding students to work on a set of attributes to make their profile stand out during the application process.

In the case of Dinesh’s profile, his current achievements were taken into account to give him a score on all the 8 product buckets like Academic Honors, Co-curricular achievements, etc.

  • Identifying the Program types to be pursued:

Dinesh was then guided on a range of programs that he could undertake under each of the target attributes.  

Student's Score
Student’s Score

For example, to up his skills in Target Attribute 3, he was suggested Co-curricular achievements, Career-focused programs, and Summer Enrichment Program buckets. In order to help him understand these program buckets, he was navigated to Ms. Kaveri Nadhamuni’s profile, a student who secured an undergraduate seat at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), using ProMap!

Here’s a sneak peek into Ms. Kaveri Nadhamuni’s profile:

Ms. Kaveri Nadhamuni
Ms. Kaveri Nadhamuni

As a founder at InData.in, Ms. Nandhamuni, analyzed and collated research findings on public education datasets.

  • Boston University RISE Intern

In her role as an intern, she developed a Machine Learning Tool to optimize genetic circuit architectures by finding common sequences of parts in genetics circuits and predicting the success of future circuits.  

ProMap's Personalized Career Roadmap
ProMap’s Personalized Career Roadmap

Skimming through Ms. Nandhamuni’s profile gave Dinesh more clarity over the kind of activities that he could pursue to build a stronger profile. 

Post this, a personalized career roadmap was shared with Dinesh with the kind of activities that he was supposed to pursue to gain a seat at his dream college.

ProMap's Program Bucket Suggestion
ProMap’s Program Bucket Suggestion

After Dinesh gained a thorough understanding of his own personalized roadmap, the relevant program details were also shared with him. Since, he had to work harder on his academics, he has been recommended  Stanford Online High School (Stanford OHS), a leading Academic Honors program.

A truly scientific, personalized, and a time-bound plan that ended up being of great help to Dinesh. 

This is the power of ProMap.

So what are you waiting for?


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