How To Guide Students For Better College Admission

College Admission is one of the most critical decision in a student’s life. Career Counselling is a dynamic discipline which finds widespread application in schools. A career counsellor is a guiding force in your school who helps your students in making the right career decisions.

But what enables her to make these decisions? Especially during college admisisons. 

college admission
Ms Puja Rishi Chopra

Here’s how Ms. Pooja Rishi Chopra from Sat Paul Mittal School has been utilizing Univariety’s Career Guidance System for guiding her students for better college admission. 

Univariety’s Research platform has allowed Ms. Pooja to give meaning to her student records. It has helped her identify students’ preferences in terms of courses being considered, countries being shortlisted, universities being targeted and many such details in a segmented manner.

guidance and counselling in education
Country Choices made by students for pursuing higher education

For example, she was able to identify the preference of Business Management and Liberal Arts among her students as possible course choices.

Univariety’s career guidance platform has helped her in navigating her students to their chosen career paths with ease. Want to give your students the career guidance edge?

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  • For understanding counselling requirements

Through the system, Ms. Pooja has been able to identify the counselling requirements that her students’ require to make career choices.

guidance and counseling program
Career Counselling Workshop in Sat Paul Mittal School

This helps in identifying the universities to be invited on campus for guiding students, the workshops to be conducted on campus for making students aware about possible future careers and so on.

  • For identifying deviations

Univariety’s Red flag reporting has enabled Ms. Pooja to identify students who are not completing their milestones in terms of career decisions. This gives her an opportunity to intervene on time and guide the lagging students in the right direction.

Career guidance and counselling
Planning for Plan B

In her words, she merits the Red Flag Reporting module, “The Red Flag Reporting has been very helpful in guiding students towards a Plan-B. It helps me in tracking students who have made the wrong choices or have just shortlisted a few universities. One of the live examples has been students who opted for just Harvard or Oxford and looking at their academics it helped me in suggesting them few Plan B options successfully.”

Here’s Puja, sharing her experience about Univariety’s guidance platform:

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