Psychometric Tests: The Key To a Guided Career For Students

Univariety Psychometric TestsCareer Counselling is important to help students to eventually make the right choice. It is a scientific procedure that is very important because a career is linked to it. 

The basis for any Career Guidance is identifying the Aptitude, Interest, and Personality of a Student. Then, this mapping lends itself to making career choices. 

Psychometric tests assess an individual’s intelligence, skills, and personality types, and more. They are structured to accurately evaluate an individual’s capacity to process information, strengths, and weaknesses and act as tools of self-exploration and awareness.

Purpose of Psychometric Tests

Each test has a specific purpose and they administer a different level of understanding about the student. 

One can decide which tests to administer in what grades and to whom. Specific tests can also be chosen based on student needs.

For example, with a Branch Selector Test, students can select the stream and branch they are interested in and measure their affinity for the stream.

Of course, there are no wrong answers to any of the questions. 

The tests are built for maximum inclusivity and Career counsellors decode the results to help students further. 

The Univariety Edge

Univariety is India’s largest Guidance and Alumni Management platform for K-12 Schools

We have so far conducted 50,000+ Psychometric Tests with every test taker getting an in-depth 21-Page Test Report for critical insights. 

The tests match the student’s aptitude and interest to arrive at the Best-fit careers. The students are also provided with a Self-Career Guide along with the Test Report.

Univariety Offers These Psychometric Tests: 

1. Learning Styles Test

The Learning Style assessment reveals how you prefer to study, concentrate, and learn. The assessment analyses your learning preferences for immediate environment, emotionality, sociological needs, and physical needs.

  • Stream Selector Test: The assessment helps you determine which stream to take after the 10th class.

2. Career Assessment Tests

  • Ideal Career Test: The assessment helps you better understand your strengths and personality.
  • Personality Type Assessment: This assessment is based on personality type – the innate way people naturally see the world and make decisions – a set of basic drives and motivations that remain constant throughout a person’s life. 
  • Multiple Intelligences Test: The assessment is based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and uses proprietary technology to match your ‘intelligences’ to your best fit careers.

3. Branch Assessment Tests

  • Engineering Branch Selector: This test is for students who have decided to pursue a career in engineering. 
  • Humanities Career Selector: This test is for students who have decided to pursue a career in the Humanities. 
  • Commerce Career Selector: This test is for students who have decided to pursue a career in commerce.

While psychometric tests provide clarity on the choices, comprehensive career guidance will go a long way in cementing the future of the student. Univariety, also provides a 360-degree career guidance system being followed by top schools in the country. 

four pillars of univariety

Schools with the Univariety advantage have witnessed:

  • An increase in admissions
  • Better student performance 
  • Increased top University admissions 
  • Building and deepening of Alumni network 

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