A Short Guide To DU Admissions 2020

In 2020, 30 colleges in the highly coveted Delhi University (DU) have a cut-off of more than 99%- a new record for the university. But there is going to be something different this year. 

Thanks to the pandemic, the university has kept the admissions window for 2020 open for longer. Adapting to the new normal, the varsity too has undertaken a transition to an online mode. Registration and document verification for DU admissions 2020 will now happen online.

What else is going to change this year? Du admissions 2020 cutoffs

Let us deep dive into what are the key changes in DU admissions 2020 and what impact they can have on your applications.

  • The staggering jump in the number of applicants 

 With a whopping registration count of 563,669, DU UG admissions have witnessed more than a 100% increase in the number of applications this year!

A rising application count means stiff competition for you to get into your dream college. Moreover, the number of seats available has increased by just 4000 considering the directives by the Government of India for the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) category.

Program # of Registrations 2020 # of Registrations 2019
UG  563669 258388
PG 183674 141120
PhD & M.Phil.  34306 30209

Shri Ram College Of Commerce and Kirori Mal have witnessed high cutoffs of 99%+ for various courses- 1% higher than last year. 

Building a strong profile can make your application unmissable. A great tool here is ProMap. What’s more? A solid profile can also give you more options to choose from. So, those of you who are looking to apply next year, make sure to have backup colleges and courses even within Delhi University.

  • Limited Admissions through Extra-curricular Activities (ECA)

 If you have an amazing extracurricular section in your CV and a wardrobe full of trophies and merit certificates, then the stars might not be in your favor this year. Even though the New Education Policy (NEP) has a strong focus on skill development,   Delhi University has eliminated 14 extracurricular activities (like dancing, film making, etc.) from its list except for NSS and NCC holders.

The DU admission process, which has always welcomed diversity and an all-rounder outlook is not moving towards the theme of meritocracy this time around.

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  • No Penalty on Stream Change

This step is a major move towards making interdisciplinary education easy for all the students from different streams. Earlier 5% of marks used to be deducted on changing streams (E.g. Science to Humanities). This is a blessing for you if you are looking forward to changing your career trajectory by pursuing interdisciplinary courses. Making the admission process smooth and transparent, DU has opened the doors towards a more inclusive educational environment.

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  • Sports trials out and online auditions in

If you are a sportsman then no more sweat for you on the playing field. Yes, you heard it right!

According to the latest notice released by the varsity, there will be no sports trials for DU admissions 2020 and the selection will solely be based on exams and awards.

If you are a nightingale, then DU has some thing different for you this year. You can upload your unedited 7-minute videos on YouTube for evaluations. The university has allowed one accompanying musical instrument besides the tanpura. A move like this has been lauded by many!

  • Accommodation challenges post-COVID

Your skepticism or paranoia is genuine when it comes to visiting a new place during the pandemic. The DU management, understanding the safety challenges, has not released the hostel form with the DU admissions 2020 form.

According to the management, the initial phase of the academic session will be conducted online with no hostel facilities and further notice will be released about hostel allotment once normalcy is attained. Suggestions for converting triple sharing rooms into two-seaters are also under consideration.

The varsity is trying its best to offer a smooth and hassle-free experience to all the students amid these difficult times and keeping them updated with the regular webinar sessions (a proxy of DU’s open house sessions) on its official website.

Overall, there have been quite a few major changes and some minor ones. Remember, if increasing competition and skyrocketing cutoffs are a challenge for your admission, then there are many other good colleges that you can add to bucket list.

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