How Important Is Subject Selection After Class 10?

Imagine if Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google (now Alphabet) studied Biology instead of Mathematics! The world would have missed out on an engineering genius. What if Barkha Dutt studied Physics instead of English? One of the most well-renowned journalists in India would have been doing a 9-5 job. 

What we are arriving at is that your subject selection after Class 10, can take you 10 steps forward or backwards. It is easily one of the most important decisions you will make in your life, because your entire career from that point on relies on that one decision. So, how to choose subjects after Class 10? Keep reading to know more. Students Not Confident About Subject Selection

This is the result of not paying enough attention to subject selection after Class 10. 

Why Is Subject Selection After Class 10 Important?

A lot of parents and students believe that subject or course selection after Class 12 is what matters the most. But, on the contrary, subject selection after Class 10 is the most crucial step for any student.

Here’s why:

  • Class 11 & 12 are foundational years. The right subject choice can help students delve deeper into the subject of their choice.
  • A wrong subject choice after Class 10 might close doors to a career you might want to pursue after Class 12. For example, you cannot become an engineer after Class 12, if you study commerce. 

There are two ways a student can go about subject selection after Class 10.

  1. ‘I will dive very deep and take expert help to make the right subject choice after Class 10.’
  2. ‘I will go with the flow after Class 10. I will do what my friends are doing and figure out things after Class 12.’

If you fall under category one, then you will have a head start over your competition. If you fall under category two, then you are likely to be confused until you choose a career after Class 12. Sometimes, this confusion continues even after choosing a course in college.

Changing major in collegeThis is a consequence of not choosing the right subject after Class 10 and we see this trend everywhere in the world. IIT is easily one of the most sought after colleges to study in India. Don’t you agree? But, here is a statistic that will shock you.

2,400 students dropped out of 23 IITs between 2018-2019

You might wonder, “Why would someone drop out of one of the best colleges in India?” Well, the simple answer is that they probably chose the wrong subject.

The Most Common Methods Of Subject Selection After Class 10

How to choose subjects after Class 10? Which subject to choose after Class 10? Most students and parents believe that the answer is, “Choose the subject in which one scores the most marks.” While this might sound like a foolproof method of subject selection, it is not the most scientific method.

In 2020, 1.84 lakh CBSE students of Class 10 scored more than 90% in board exams. In a scenario where marks are skyrocketing, do you still think choosing a subject only based on marks is an accurate method? 

A few other ways in which students choose subjects are:

  • Pick the most popular subject around them
  • Follow the path their peers are taking
  • Take up the subjects an elder sibling or cousin took up
  • Take advice from relatives and friends

While all these methods of subject selection are common, they may or may not help you choose the right subjects. It is similar to you sitting blindfolded and allowing someone else to take the wheel. 

Scary, right? If you don’t want to gamble with the rest of your life, taking expert help for subject selection is crucial. So, how to choose subjects after Class 10? That is where we come in. 

After thorough research and analysis over the past decade, we have come up with the most scientific solution for subject selection after Class 10

Subject Selector – The Scientific Way Of Subject Selection After Class 10

Univariety’s Subject Selector is the world’s first immersive and experiential tool for students to determine the right combination of subjects to opt for after Grade 10. 

Subject Selector is the perfect blend of scientific assessments, counselling sessions, self-discovery through immersive experiences and alumni interactions. It provides an exclusive and well-researched process of elimination and selection to arrive at a suitable set of subjects and recommended career options.

Explore Subject Selector

Subject Selector gives students: 

  • Detailed recommendations on stream, subjects and career choices 
  • Career options for a student’s list of recommended subjects
  • Scientifically designed and formulated test report with accurate and customised results

With Subject Selector, you can:

Make wise career decisions

Attain mastery in core subjects

Be ready for the future

Start your journey from confusion to clarity by choosing the right subjects. 


If you are in high school and feel that subject selection after Class 10 can be done like last-minute exam preparation, then you must rethink. One wrong decision can have a huge impact on your entire career. Take expert help now and make the right decision. 

Trust us, a little bit of effort today will go a long way!

Now that you know the importance of subject selection after Class 10, what are you going to do next? Comment and tell us.

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