The 3 BBA Specializations That Can Take You Places!

BBA programs are gaining popularity today because of increased career opportunities across all domains. In its essence, BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is a professional undergraduate degree structured to give a comprehensive understanding of businesses, build basic managerial and IT skills required in the corporate world, and hone entrepreneurial skills. However, a BBA degree also helps in inculcating communication and leadership skills in students to rise as a business professional. Through a BBA, you acquire a fair knowledge of all market aspects either locally or globally.

All BBA programs are not equal. The reason for that is that BBA is offered by stand-alone institutes, colleges, and universities. The typical specializations of finance, sales, operations, HR, marketing, and even the off-beat ones like information management, supply chain management are over-subscribed and highly competitive. Moreover, the advent of AI, robotics, and the like and COVID-19 has changed the face of business altogether. What worked in the past will not work any longer. And that means, in addition to the reputation of the institute, your BBA specialization is a massive differentiating factor today! 

 Why choose a reputed university?

 Usually, a reputed university attracts good faculty and top-notch students. Such universities thrive in an environment that fosters competitiveness, unrestrained inquiry, critical thinking, innovation, and creativity. Besides, institutions that have autonomy are also more agile because they aren’t bound by clunky bureaucracies and imposed standards. As a result, they can manage their resources efficiently and quickly respond to the demands of a rapidly changing global market.

 When you choose a reputed university, therefore, you are assured of quite a few things, some being: 

  • Good faculty
  • Competitive fellow students and hence more learning 
  • Powerful global network
  • Access to relevant and updated information/knowledge
  • Plenty of projects and electives for you to explore; 
  • Opportunities for practical experience, internships, international exposure, seminars by leading corporate personnel
  • Training workshops and conferences
  • Placements with futuristic companies

 Additionally, being in a university (and not being a standalone college or institute) also ensures that you’ll study in a diverse and inclusive environment with a student population that is from different streams and different specializations. You’ll be able to work in multi-disciplinary groups and have a rich exposure.

students sitting in WUD campus

Why choose an emerging specialization?

 It’s quite simple but very important. Understanding the global business environment is key to success. You are entering a college this year but you’ll be graduating after 3 years. If you have an idea about what kind of businesses will then be on the upswing, which sectors will be growing, then you can have a fair assurance of a successful career.

Offbeat specializations actually represent ‘emerging’ areas and businesses which are the future growth sectors!

 What does the WUD School of Management offer?

 WUD School of Management offers three specializations.

 1. Design Strategy And Management (3-Year BBA)

 An ideal program for the future, a horizontal among all business verticals, this program is built on a strong foundation of ‘design thinking’ and holistic business management – offering inputs on the latest design thinking methods combined with Innovation capacity building, Strategy formulation, digitization, along with the traditional management subjects. The program equips students with the ability to adapt to changing market needs and expectations alongside intellectual rigor, opening up a completely new world of ‘Career Possibilities’ as compared to a traditional BBA or MBA program. Besides usual management roles, WUD graduates will be able to find important roles in so many areas like: 

  • Innovation Management
  • New Ventures 
  • Venture Capital 
  • Private Equity  
  • Management Consulting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Product Planning
  • Product Marketing
  • Product Development, and other exciting areas of work. 

Graduates will be highly valued by employers in technology-related or consumer products industries. Students will be ready to take on the roles of team managers, project managers, and functional managers and will be on the fast track to becoming general managers, vice presidents, or CEOs.student from chennai describing his experience

2. Retail Business Management (3-Year BBA)

 Post-COVID and with the intervention of disruptive Artificial Intelligence, the retail industry will undergo drastic changes. This program is aligned with the existing and emerging needs of the current and future Indian retail scenario and brand spaces. The course provides students with the knowledge, insight, and skills needed to follow a successful management career in the retail or wholesale fields. The virtually unlimited range of retail and wholesale business formats are all going ‘phygital’ i.e. convergence of physical and digital; including departmental stores, hyper marts, shopping centers, specialty stores, general dealers, chain stores, supermarkets, factory stores, boutiques, brand stores, and restaurants.

Post-pandemic the focus is on building quickly, being flexible and agile, and conversion to a digital enterprise. 

The course gains synergy from the interior and retail design program also being offered by WUD. Graduates will be able to choose from a wide variety of strategic level positions such as: 

  • Trainee Manager 
  • Buying
  • Stock Control
  • Merchandising
  • Sales
  • Administration
  • Logistics
  • Housekeeping or
  • The finance section of a retail business

Graduates who want to start their own businesses will benefit from the entrepreneurship component of this course.

 3. Fashion Business Management (3-year BBA)

 If you love fashion, then managing the fashion business is an evergreen career option. This hugely diverse sector has career paths ranging from strategic to creative, financial, and even entrepreneurial. By gaining insight on all facets of the fashion business- from trend prediction and analysis to e-commerce, retailing and marketing; and also getting inputs in event management, HR, product management, digital marketing, brand management, and customer service management- our graduates can become the future pioneers shaping the fashion world and catering to the evolving needs of the global fashion consumer. 

fashion students working their designs on mannequins

WUD has a number of courses in fashion. Students will have unprecedented access to collaborative partnerships throughout their course. Students will engage with digital technologies from the outset. The course will offer opportunities for global experience through international study abroad programs. Students will be able to tap into the broad range of available career options (including buying, merchandising, marketing, branding, PR, publishing creative direction, and launching their own businesses (e-business or brick-and-mortar) and will be encouraged to exhibit their own, diverse interests in the work they produce. They can also be the ones identifying and creating the demand for products created by fashion designers. Areas of employment are aplenty including 

  • Fashion Entrepreneur
  • Design Director
  • Fashion Consultant 
  • Fashion Forecaster 
  • Fashion Merchandiser/buyer

With so many opportunities, the right specialization can truly make your career shine. All you need is the will to be different and a little bit of prudence. 

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