[Tips] How to Choose a Career After High School?

Tips on how to choose the right career“It is time to get serious about your future!” If your parents say this to you after finishing school, you know they really mean it. It is time to put down the stepping stone of your dream future. When you were asked as a kid ‘what do you aspire to be in future’, you had an array of replies as your potential future career ranging from an astronaut to a race car driver.  However, it is time to take your dreams to the next level by taking the first step to fulfilling it i.e. being realistic and knowing how to choose a career.

It is not the easiest thing to do, as the choices are vast. How to know what career to choose is a question that has been bothering almost all students after finishing school. Nevertheless, with the right planning and self-analysis, you can take yourself one step closer to fulfilling your dream career.

1. Career assessment tests

There are various assessment tests available, which will help you find out what job suits you the most. It is based on your interests, skill set, and personality. It analyses your pros and cons with respect to the various professions and tells you what is best suited for you.  While it is not a comprehensive method to decide your future, it serves as a helpful tool in narrowing down your options.

2. Analyze your interests

What will you choose as a career after school? It does not take a genius to figure out that one needs to choose a line that does justice to their skills and interests. You should apply your minds to honing those skills and making a living out of it.

It is extremely important that you be passionate about the path you are choosing, as your interest is the biggest motivating factor in successfully chasing your goals. Explore career options, make a note of your preferred choices and the three most important qualities required to excel in them.  Now analyze each profession one by one and see where you stand in terms of the criteria. It will make things easier in decision-making.

3. Picture yourself in the role

After striking out the choices that do not justify your skills and interests, you will be left with the ones that are best suited for you. Now the trick is to position yourself in the role. If you aspire to be a doctor, you can picture yourself performing a surgery whereas if you are an introvert you are not cut out for a job in marketing.

Finding out whether you will be able to cope with the demands of your career by putting yourself in that position.

4. Weigh your options

Interest and skill set should be the main criteria but also give importance to the industry trends that exist in these careers. Some industries have many job opportunities whereas some are niche with limited opportunities. Some will give you great remuneration for your services but in some cases, you will have to find out other ways to finance.

It is your personal choice whether to think of using your head or to follow your heart. Life as an artist will require you to have patience and financial backing to sustain yourself until the time you taste success.  Your passion should be given utmost importance. However, if you want a steady income and success then you will have to be practical in life and choose a path accordingly.

5. Take advice

Talk to the people who know you well. The decision should rest on you because you know yourself better. Talk to your counselor about career guidance and option. Understand your parents’ financial condition and ask for their opinion. Think whether it is a wise move for your parents to fund your studies as some parents have more expectations from their children than others do. If you believe you can live up to their expectation by going ahead with your choice then do so. Otherwise, look for other options to finance your passion.

It can be a confusing moment for you in deciding on how to choose the right career, as your choice will define your future. However, remember, it is your choice. So be wise, make a roadmap to going ahead with your decision and stand by it.

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