Student Career Journey: Meet the Real-Life Iqbals

When opportunity meets preparation, then miracles can happen. Today, we would like to share some student career journey’s of two students coming from underprivileged backgrounds created history in their own right. Let us give them a round of applause for their path-breaking achievements.

Student Career Journey - Asharam Chaudhary
Asharam Chaudhary with his parents

Student Name: Mr. Asharam Chaudhary

Feat: Securing an MBBS seat at AIIMS

Hometown: Vijayganj Mandi Village, Dewas

Society labeled him as a ragpicker’s son but Asharam did not let that stop him. He worked against all odds to secure an All India Rank of 707 in the 2018 edition of the AIIMS entrance exam in his first attempt! He has successfully earned the opportunity to pursue MBBS from one of the country’s prestigious institutes.

Student Career Journey - Asharam Chaudhary
Asharam Chaudhary


Success never comes easy and neither did it for him.

  • Lack of facilities: He grew up in a kuchcha house without an electrical connection or a toilet.
  • Low income: His father would take up odd jobs to make ends meet for the family.

Asharam received his primary education from a government school and went on to pursue his higher secondary education with Dakshina Foundation in Pune.


  • Help for the Family: The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan ensured that Asharam and his family will get all the requisite help.
    Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan's Tweet | Student Career Journey
    Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s Tweet

Gandhi connects: Rahul Gandhi, Congress leader took to Twitter to congratulate Asharam on his feat and also penned down his thought in an open letter.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi's letter to Asharam | Student Career Journey
Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s letter to Asharam

Future Plans: Asharam plans to pursue his masters in surgery (MS) in Neurology. What makes the teenager’s dreams unique is the fact that he wants to set up a hospital in his native place so that everyone receives timely medical facilities.

Career Journey #2
Student Career Journey - Sudeeksha with her parents
Sudeeksha with her parents

Student Name: Ms. Sudeeksha Bhati

Feat: Securing a 3.8 crore scholarship from Babson College for a popular 4-year undergraduate course

Hometown: Bulandshahr, Haryana

Through hard work and determination, one can achieve anything they set out to. This statement echoes with the story of Sudeeksha, a tea-seller’s daughter from a rural area who fought against a number of odds to become the district’s CBSE topper with 98% marks, and secured a coveted scholarship at one of the leading colleges in the USA.

Student Career Journey - Ms. Sudeeksha Bhati
Ms. Sudeeksha Bhati

Sudeeksha emerged as a winner when the following obstacles were pitched against her:

  • Fight for equal opportunity: Sudeeksha’s family and community were against educating girls and it posed as one of the initial struggles for her. She was expelled from a private school when she was 9 years old as her father was unable to afford her fees.
  • Low income: Her father used to earn an annual sum of INR 72,000 per annum. The family used to struggle to make ends meet.
Sudeeksha's Media coverage in Amar Ujala | Student Career Journey
Sudeeksha’s Media coverage in Amar Ujala
  • One of the lucky 28: Sudeeksha and 27 other participants are set to join the prestigious undergraduate course at Babson College.
  •  Media Hero: Sudeeksha’s efforts have made her a poster child of Indian grit and determination.

Future Plans:

Twitter post praising Sudeeksha's efforts | Student Career Journey
Twitter post praising Sudeeksha’s efforts

Elated by the joy that her success has brought to her family and her school, she aims to continue working hard and accomplishing all her dreams.

Through inspiring stories like Asharam’s and Sudeeksha’s, our belief is restored in the power of determination through which miracles can happen anytime and anywhere.

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