How To Stand Out During College Admissions? 6 Tips To Follow.

College! We loved our time there and now it’s for you to experience it. College admissions is one of most discussed topic in every Indian household. Not only do kids, parents, teachers talk about it, but college admissions have become a topic to start a normal conversation these days. 

Surely you want to get into a top university and enjoy both good academic and recreational exposure. Although admissions in top colleges was never easy, it has only gotten harder with time. Many students have now realized, that if they are to achieve their dreams, they have got to stand out of the crowd.

1. Academics

First and foremost are your academics. Good grades are the basis on which colleges gauge students. So, if you want to get into the college of your choice, get those grades up! Engage in study habits that will make learning fun.

Take up Advance Placement Courses and attend Olympiads. Doing these things will give you a much-needed exposure to the education space and also give you an edge over other students.

2. Summer Enrichment

Vacations are actually the best time to build your skills while doing something fun! No, we aren’t asking you to go back to school to do this. What we suggest you do, is participate in Summer school.

This is a great way to spend time. Top universities in India and abroad offer 2-4 week Summer Enrichment Courses. Take them, experience firsthand what studying in one of these universities feels like and build your profile in the process. You can’t go wrong with this, trust us on it!

3. Career-Focused

Do you know which career you want to get into? If yes, great! If no, also great! Learning and exploring different things is part of life. If you haven’t selected a career yet, you should start immediately. You will have a general idea of what career to choose. So start with that, take up programs in that field and see if it works for you.

For example:- You might think of taking Business Management. Take up a certification program in it and see if you can make it your career.

For those of you who know which career to take, the same counsel applies. The only difference is, taking up a certificate course in the field of your interest will increases your knowledge towards it, and show admission officers that you are career-focused.

4. Work Experience

Why this you ask? Because experience matters. Apart from looking good on your academic profile and helping you stand out, this experience builds your skills. Whether you choose to take up a paid internship or do volunteer work, you get a feel of the work environment. You understand what companies look for and can prepare for it in the long run.

5. Co-Curricular Achievements

These are activities that complement the program you have taken. Co-curricular achievements are nothing but an addition to your academic program. They include Debates, Conferences, MUNs etc.

For example:- If you have taken a program related to engineering, you should pursue a course in robotics. With this, your co-curricular achievement will be you joining a school club or a program that enhances your skill in robotics or builds your interest in it further.

6. Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities aren’t linked to your academic program. They are, in essence, personality developers. Sports, music, dance anything you’re good at. Your achievements in these activities also help you stand out because getting an achievement here isn’t easy. It requires sacrifice, time and dedication. Universities recognize this and so do your peers. You aren’t only setting a good example but also showing leadership.

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Well, at the end of it, your resolve is what matters most. You should be able to find that spark in you that helps you approach your academics in a way that helps you gain practical knowledge. This kind of learning will leave a lasting mark on your life. For the better!

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