UG Courses That Offer More Than Just A Degree

A look at the top undergraduate courses offered by IMS Unison University.

Being ranked one of the best private Indian universities is by no means an easy task. It takes years of dedicated effort, planning for the right undergraduate programs, hard work, and more importantly a vision to provide premium education to students. Ever since its inception, IMS Unison University has believed in continuously evolving. Subsequently, the university has had a strong focus on the growth of its students, faculty, and staff. For this, it has adopted some of the best practices in the education industry.

In this blog, we look at the various programs that the University offers to undergraduate students and why they stand apart from others. 

School Of Management
Undergraduate Courses Offered

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Whether you want to pursue an MBA later on or want to imbibe necessary strategic, analytical, leadership, and business skills, you cannot do without a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

Why IUU?

The power of a BBA degree is best harnessed when it is applied in a real-world setting. At IUU, students finish two years of important concept-based learning. In the third year, students can specialize in their area of interest and obtain project-based-experiential learning. Only when they perform well in their practical projects/assignments/workplaces will they be awarded their degree. 

Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.)

If a career in accounting, taxes, finance, or even management is on your mind, then a B.Com(Hons.) degree from IMS is the perfect start. In fact, this program is integrated with the globally-recognized Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification so it makes the path towards a rewarding career even easier! 

Why IUU?

By combining the best elements of Commerce and Management, and providing the opportunity to earn an internationally-recognized certification, IUU’s B.Com (Hons.) degree really puts you on the map and gives you an edge over several other peers who do just regular B.Com (Hons.) degrees. 

Integrated BBA-MBA

For students interested in pursuing a career in the vast expanse that is management, the integrated BBA-MBA program is the right choice. Not only will you learn the strong foundation subjects, but also pick up the specializations that a conventional MBA offers. BBA students chatting with each other

Why IUU?

Have an early start in your career! The curriculum at IUU is rigorous and offers the same depth and number of specializations that a regular 2-year MBA degree does. That means, you save a year and don’t compromise on the quality of your education. In fact, the course includes prestigious certifications like SAP and the Six Sigma Green Belt and follows a trimester system like other B-Schools of repute. 

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School Of Law
Undergraduate Courses Offered


The integrated five-year Honors degree program has been created to have a course that is equivalent to Medicine or Engineering where one can make a career choice immediately after. We decided to bring together two social and legal subjects for students to really comprehend the interdependency of social sciences and law. The aim of the program is to produce lawyers who are socially sentient. 

Why IUU?

Today as the fabric of society continues to be eroded, a degree that helps you understand the social nuances and administer legal justice will provide you with an edge. Not just that, the course needs you to work with legal firms, NGOs, other legal bodies to have a thorough understanding of what you learn in the classroom. Application of the vast expanse of knowledge you have is your weapon in the field of Law. 


The B.B.A.LL.B. (Hons.) program offered by IUU is a five-year Integrated Honors Degree Program spread across 10 semesters. As the global economic situation keeps shifting, there is now a strong demand for youngsters who not only possess adequate legal acumen but also come armed with management and business skills. With the object of catering to this demand, and to enable them to explore these vistas of opportunities that lie ahead, IUU offers an integrated Bachelor of Business.

Why IUU? 

Changing times call for a curriculum that accounts for the most sought-after skills in the business and the legal world. As a result, IUU ensures that you, as a student, find enough and more opportunities to apply your skills and carve your own niche. 

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School Of Hospitality Management
Undergraduate Courses Offered

BHM (Bachelor Of Hospitality Management) 

With an exclusive focus on providing both theoretical and practical knowledge, the Bachelor Of Hotel Management is a meticulously designed course. After two years of theoretical studies in Front Office Operations, Accommodation Operations, Food & Beverage Services Operations, and Food Production and a twenty-week industrial exposure, in the third year students can choose their own specialization. 

Why IUU? 

IUU provides one of the best on-the-job training experts. Not just that, the syllabi are modern and in accordance with the UGC’s Choice Based Credit Scheme (CBCS). A program like Hospitality Management needs to be updated and place a large amount of emphasis on practical exposure and that’s exactly why you need a BHM degree from IUU.students in the IMS Unison University library

School Of Mass Communication
Undergraduate Courses Offered

BA (Journalism and Mass Communication)

Choose this program if world events excite you and if you are keen on taking up leadership positions in Print Journalism, Radio Journalism, Television Journalism, Creative Writing, Public Relations, Event Management, Corporate Communication, Photojournalism, and Advertising. 

Along with providing the skills in various functional areas, this program also creates a pathway for internships and other industry experiences. 

Why IUU? 

Apart from offering one of the best Media Labs in the region, IUU’s program provides students with rich industrial encounters. This is coupled with an opportunity to work on the Unison Times newspaper. a BA Mass Comm student learning how to use the camera

School Of Liberal Arts
Undergraduate Courses Offered

Bachelor Of Arts (Hons.)

A program that is based on a liberal arts pattern and equips students with analytical and critical thinking, the B.A. (Hons.) program entails the study of Literature and Language in English across the world. Students must take 4 Foundation Courses and 9 Critical Thinking Seminars. After that, they can follow a Major subject concentration and earning credits in a Minor subject. The conclusion of the program entails a Research-based Project. The student is guided by a faculty mentor. 

Why IUU? 

Being based on a liberal arts pattern, the curriculum is applicable internationally. On top of that, it covers mainstream theory and practice. By providing a range of electives, it adds extra dimensions to learning outcomes that enhance employment potential.

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