4 Careers in Sports [Apart From Cricket]

Do you eat, sleep, drink, walk, talk sports? Can you binge-watch a series of sports such as cricket, football, etc?

Have you ever tried to vent your feelings and fondness towards sports in the form of a blog or a video? Then a career in sports can be your true calling.

You have to gear up to make inroads into the sprawling sports industry in India. A career in sports needs you to be on the field, and there is a multitude of challenging career roles in sports. The sporting industry and careers in sports in India are seeing a growth and here are a few quick facts to understand it.

  • Football industry in India is growing at 35 % year on year.
  • Sports as an industry is expected to grow by 12 % year on year.
  • IPL has generated direct employment of close to 30,000 since 2007.
  • There are 200 artificial football fields constructed in India at various places.
  • India needs more than 10 lakh people in sports-related jobs by 2022.

These are the different careers in sports where you can spread your wings and live your passion.

1) Sports Management

Every company, every function needs a manager and so do sports. This career comes with a lot of responsibility and encompasses the business matters of the sporting club or the player.

The complex tasks include planning, budgeting, travelling and negotiating. On top of it, you have to clock in more hours when the sport is in the season. There are many takeaways from this job as you are the face of the sporting club.

At times, you are flooded with press conferences, talking to brands that want to sign your players for endorsements. You should have the knack to spot talent in all the spheres and make a winning team in tandem with the coach.

Job Roles – Sports Managers, Sports Event Managers, Spokespersons, Sports Information Managers, Sports Agents, etc.

2) Sports Journalism

For the writer or presenter in you, sports journalism will be the best career in sports for you. This includes print, electronic and online media that allows you to build sports-related content.

You can interview players for your feature and plan shows on the television. For starters, you can do a personal blog that reflects your passion for sports. This also adds up to your portfolio building that gets you a job as a sportswriter in the future. You can start freelancing for websites such as sportskeeda, TOI sports, or find a spot in your school/college magazine and write on your favourite sport.

Job Roles – Sports announcer/commentator, sports show hosts, sportswriters, sports editors.

3) Sports Marketing

This is the most creative and challenging career in sports. Creative for its out-of-the-world initiatives to glorify and sell sports. This also involves branding an unpopular sport and making it popular among masses.

As the popularity soars, you can build a whole campaign that involves merchandise and other promotions. Challenging for all the experimentation you do to freeze a certain strategy that works. With a degree in management, you can start at an entry-level and work your way up the ladder.

Public Relations for an integral part of sports marketing and they deal with the entire gamut of press releases, media news and coverage, media contacts, and archiving media clippings.

Job Roles – Account Coordinator, Event Coordinator, PR Manager, Inside sales,

Degree Path: Bachelor’s, Master’s

4) Sports Medicine

This is a responsible position on and off the sporting turf. It centres on curing traumas and injuries related to sports. As a sports medicine professional, you have to maintain a sports person’s physical and mental health. There are physicians and psychologists who work regularly to put the player in form.

The nutritional requirement of players also falls under the ambit of sports medicine. You are a doctor specialized in sports medicine or you can also be trained in allied medicine in sports. Any of the above, qualify you for a career in sports medicine.

Job Roles – Sports doctor, Sports psychologist, Sports health advisor.

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