Part II: Career Guidance for Students in Class X

In a brand new Series, Univariety presents ‘Student Journey’: A Unique milestone approach to making crucial career-related decisions. The process of Career guidance differs for every grade and the student journey is also different. In Part II, we explore the journey for Class X.

The last blog, we covered what the student journey is ideally like for career guidance in Class IX. Now, we move on to Class X. 

Class X is undoubtedly the most important year in school due to the impending board exams. In Class X, career guidance is targeted towards Shortlisting and finalizing countries and subjects.

At first, students have to finish different activities from A to H in the first milestone of ‘Shortlisting Careers’. Then, they move to the second milestone of Shortlisting subjects and the final one of Shortlisting countries and finalizing subjects.

The activities in the milestones have to be completed within the specified time, and only in that case, the students can move to the next milestone.

Career Guidance For Your Students

Milestone 1: Shortlist Subjects

In this Milestone, students have to take a few tests that will ascertain their ability to perform in some subjects vis-a-vis others.

Shortlist Subjects

The assessment, based on the RIASEC theory, helps you understand the most suitable stream based on your strengths and weaknesses. The section helps your aptitude for a particular stream and how determined you are to go about with a career determine your feeling of wanting to know or learn about something. You can assess your attitude, aptitude, and interest based on graphs that are generated. The theory has been used to assess the stream, subject, and interest for career guidance and career counselling. 

In this, the student can shortlist the subjects based on the subject selector test. Through the My Selections tab, they can add subjects and shortlist them. Shortlisting a subject does not mean finalizing it. Students also get a Venn diagram that shows the pre-requisite subjects for career clusters along with the recommended subjects from the stream selector test.

Once the careers are finalized, students can move on to the next step. They can view their progress under the Activity Tab and modify it if need be. Once the careers are finalized, providing the right career guidance becomes easier. Since the counsellors have a brief ready, they can offer personalised career guidance to suit the best interests of the student. 

When the student clicks on this activity, a pop up appears with the recommended questions to be discussed with the counsellor. A student can discuss any queries he/she has with career options or how to proceed with it.

Milestone 2: Shortlist Countries, Finalize Subjects

In this milestone, one has to shortlist the countries for college. It is important to shortlist colleges based on careful planning and thought. Doing that in Class X with the right career guidance is important. The remaining activities for this milestone will be populated initially on the basis of countries selected during profile creation. You can shortlist up to 3 countries in this process.

Once the countries are shortlisted, Students need to finalize subjects.

countries shortlisting

Students can watch webinars that are specially curated for them to get a deeper understanding of the subjects and finalize them. They can also interact with their alumni and discuss the subjects they are planning to take and the country.

At this point in the student journey, talking to a career counsellor becomes important as Career guidance can help finalize subjects. Students can at any point of time chat with a career counsellor and arrive at the list of subjects.

One also gets access to multiple articles on different careers and what they can expect if they choose any one of them. While receiving career guidance, it is important to be aware of the latest trends and take steps accordingly. 

In Class X, these milestones help students aware of country options and the different subjects by asking them to complete small activities. This piecemeal career guidance will make it easier for students to plan their future better. Top Schools that have implemented this pattern of career guidance on campus have seen an increase in the rates of student success.

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