Part III: Career Guidance for Students in Class XI

In a brand new Series, Univariety presents ‘Student Journey’- a unique milestone approach to making crucial career-related decisions. The process of Career guidance differs for every grade and the student journey is also different. In Part IV, we explore the journey for Class XI.

In the previous part, we covered what the student journey is ideally like for career guidance in Class X. We also covered the career guidance program for Class IX. Now, we move on to Class XI.

Class XI is when students start studying subjects they chose which can be aligned with the courses they want to pursue further. The student journey in this section is explained below. 

Milestone 1: Finalize Courses

Finalize Courses comes in a circular form with Maths, Humanities, Science.
First, enter your 12th Grade subjects and expected scores. This will help you estimate the courses you are interested in. 

To identify your Top 3 Best-fit career options, the Ideal Career Test is a simple assessment. You will get course recommendations based on your career choices. You can see the recommended careers as a Venn diagram.

  • Ideal Career Test is perfect for those who want to find their true calling and discover the right career options.
  • The assessment output of the Ideal Career Test is in the form of a 14-page detailed report assessing and identifying a student’s natural inclination for further studies, areas of improvement, skills, values and personal characteristics.
  • The report is divided into 4 sections. The motivation section identifies the top 3 factors that help to perform better. The aptitude section evaluates the verbal, numerical, spatial, critical dissection and acuteness aptitude.
  • The interest section suggests the careers that will be of interest to keep the students motivated. The personality section evaluates the personality type.
  • Ideal Career Test Benefits:
  • Gives a detailed report of career motivators. Eg: Interest, Respect, Stability
  • Identifies Strengths and Potential Weaknesses
  • Gives a direction based on Motivation, Aptitude, Interest, and Personality
  • Suggests Top 3 Ideal Careers


Career Guidance For Your Students

Shortlist courses based on your shortlisted careers and recommendations from the Ideal Career Test. Next, students have to choose courses they are interested in. One can choose from a range of courses based on their career stream.

We have expert webinars that will give you in-depth information on different courses and careers. These webinars will guide you when you choose a career stream. Explore your shortlisted courses in greater detail by watching recommended webinars. For example, you want to know the various design courses, you will see an alumni webinar or field representative webinar guiding you.

This is an important step where you finalize the courses. Don’t hesitate to select what you love based on the Ideal Career Test and stream selector test. You can change your preferences anytime. You can view it in the form of a Venn diagram.

Milestone 2: Finalize Countries:

This milestone is dedicated to finalizing countries. After finalizing courses, this is what a student should ideally do.

We recommend you shortlist up to 3 countries based on your interest.

Post that, we recommend you watch some interesting webinars that will give you a good idea about the country you will finalize.

Explore Promap and connect with your alumni as part of this milestone.

  • Course Fee Calculator Tool:

This tool allows you to calculate the fees of different courses based on the country selected. You can estimate the amount that it could take to complete the degree. The tool calculates the fee for courses all over the world.

Scholarships are to be finalized next and post that a student will notice a high level of clarity and finalize countries accordingly.

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Milestone 3: Finalize entrance exams, shortlist colleges:

Kick-off this milestone with the first activity: Shortlist Colleges

For each combination of Country and Course, you get colleges under 3 buckets.

Aspirational, best-fit, and safe. One has to ensure that you select at least 3 colleges from each bucket.

The next step is to shortlist entrance exams. Be it National, state, or Institutional- we need to shortlist entrance exams for different combinations, of course, country and college.

Post that one needs to finalize entrance exams and eventually rate the milestone.

In short, Class XI focuses on shortlisting and finalizing various options in the student career journey. With this stimulated, achievable milestone plan, it becomes easier for students to face Class XII with clarity in their career plans.

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